01.11.2018 PORTRAITS: Twinsburg Library

My mom is finishing up her masters degree in library sciences at Kent State University (shoutout to Mom). For her final project, she has to intern somewhere and write all about it. I helped out by taking some photos for her. She’s mimicking my brother’s “thinking pose”. \\ Sophie Sand: Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr   Continue reading 01.11.2018 PORTRAITS: Twinsburg Library

01.01.2018 PORTRAITS: Ohio

I started off 2017 with going on a hike with my brother and taking photos. Now, I’m starting 2018 off by taking some quick photos of my brother in our backyard. He’s a sustainable plant life major at The Ohio State University, and he wanted some photos that reflected that – cue the axe, cowboy hat & boots. Here is Seth. \\ Sophie Sand: Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr Continue reading 01.01.2018 PORTRAITS: Ohio

12.16.2017 FAMILY: Staltari

Christmas season is coming up, so I took the two Staltari’s out in the snow for photos in hopes of getting a nice picture or two as a present for their parents. The next one is one of the photos I ended up framing for their grandmother. Very nice, blue-toned pic. I can’t remember exactly which one, but one of the next three I blew … Continue reading 12.16.2017 FAMILY: Staltari

12.02.2017 FASHION: Stand By Me

Took some photos for Matteo’s portfolio. It was hard to find “urban” kind of locations around suburbia Ohio, but we made it work. Had another hour to kill, so we headed to do some nature. For the third location and second model, Matteo set up as I made a new friend. This is Luna, a part pitbull, part golden retriever. I love her. More Luna. … Continue reading 12.02.2017 FASHION: Stand By Me

11.30.2017 NATURE: Little Italy, Ohio

I was finishing up a class project with a friend who lives in Little Italy. As I was waiting for her to head back from class, I took a little walk around her block to take some photos. While editing, I drifted towards the fake film look. There’s just something so charming about the black and white, grain-y look. \\ Sophie Sand: Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr Continue reading 11.30.2017 NATURE: Little Italy, Ohio