ghost of you

The Ghost of You, 2019-2020

I have had this idea for a photo series since seeing Eleanor Antin’s visual narrative series titled “100 Boots” (1971-1973) a few years ago.

“The Ghost of You” is that feeling after a friendship or relationship ends, or after someone passes. It’s the way you still see them everywhere, even though they’re not really there. You see their essence in every song, around every corner, everywhere.

Even though they are not physically there, they still find a way to haunt you. You have to take a different way home from work because you don’t want to drive by their hours. You change your bed sheets because you can’t sleep in them anymore without the though of their nose in the nape of your neck. You can’t hear the same songs anymore without feeling them mixed in between each lyrical line.

For me, “The Ghost of You” is about telling myself that they’re not really there, and that it’s time to let go and begin healing.

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