11.30.2017 NATURE: Little Italy, Ohio

I was finishing up a class project with a friend who lives in Little Italy. As I was waiting for her to head back from class, I took a little walk around her block to take some photos. While editing, I drifted towards the fake film look. There’s just something so charming about the black and white, grain-y look. \\ Sophie Sand: Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr Continue reading 11.30.2017 NATURE: Little Italy, Ohio

09.03.17 CVNP The Ledges

My brother came home for the weekend, so Matteo and I took his sister and my brother out for an afternoon hike. Isn’t he beautiful? I made Seth carry my bag after a while because he’s my brother, that’s what he’s supposed to do. He was cranky that it was “unmanly”. God forbid I threaten his masculinity. \\ Sophie Sand: Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr   Continue reading 09.03.17 CVNP The Ledges

08.12.17 Cleveland, Ohio

Celebrating one of the last weekends of summer, I took Julia and Megan out to the zoo. Pause for some brief stick-and-poke tattoos. One of my favorite memories from this summer has been Aisha giving me my first tattoos. It’s a memory I’ll never forget with one of my dearest friends. Ending this post with a nice hike with Sophie. We drove around for an … Continue reading 08.12.17 Cleveland, Ohio

07.21.17 CVNP The Ledges

Anamika, Sophie, and I headed out to Cuyahoga Valley National Park on intent of a nice, little hike. On the drive out, the temperature reached 99-degrees, so our plan for a long hike turned into a very, very short one. My favorite part in this next one is Anamika’s foot in the far left still struggling to get her shoes on. \\ Sophie Sand: Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr Continue reading 07.21.17 CVNP The Ledges