12.16.2017 FAMILY: Staltari

Christmas season is coming up, so I took the two Staltari’s out in the snow for photos in hopes of getting a nice picture or two as a present for their parents. The next one is one of the photos I ended up framing for their grandmother. Very nice, blue-toned pic. I can’t remember exactly which one, but one of the next three I blew … Continue reading 12.16.2017 FAMILY: Staltari

10.22.17 Baird Family

The Baird family asked for golden hour candids of three generations for their family. It was a humid fall day, but we made it work. The oldest grandchild, Arlo, was fascinated by my lens. I’m not sure why, but I love it. I got a few nice shots of him staring directly into the void. Ian, the youngest of the Baird children, was so loving … Continue reading 10.22.17 Baird Family

06.10.17 Kyle Cantor’s Bar Mitzvah

I’ve been friends with Marni since the fifth grade, I started taking photos of her around eighth grade. Since then, I’ve taken photos of her older sister. Today marked the day that I finally was able to photograph the entire family. Marni and I started outside with Ashley’s service dog Bowie as everyone got ready. Bowie was a little afraid of my camera but that’s … Continue reading 06.10.17 Kyle Cantor’s Bar Mitzvah