03.25.2018 NATURE: Tallahassee, Florida

For spring break, Mom and I got up at 3am to catch a 6am flight to Northern Florida to visit family. Took some pics along the way. Be sure to check out some portraits, and animals from the visit too. You don’t want to miss puppy Mac. ATL represent. Headed to a vegan dive bar for breakfast (which was more like lunch for me). One … Continue reading 03.25.2018 NATURE: Tallahassee, Florida

03.04.2018 PORTRAITS: Cleveland, Ohio

Noah and I headed back out on the first Sunday of the month to get a few more photos. Last time, it began pouring rain and was an icy mess, so we wanted to get a few sunny day photos. Those are rare in Ohio. We started at the greenhouse. I’ve been taking photos of Noah since we were 12-years-old. Even though it’s been a … Continue reading 03.04.2018 PORTRAITS: Cleveland, Ohio