10.22.17 Baird Family

The Baird family asked for golden hour candids of three generations for their family. It was a humid fall day, but we made it work. The oldest grandchild, Arlo, was fascinated by my lens. I’m not sure why, but I love it. I got a few nice shots of him staring directly into the void. Ian, the youngest of the Baird children, was so loving … Continue reading 10.22.17 Baird Family

09.30.17 Matteo – Cleveland

I did Matteo’s portraits around the usual Cleveland spots. His teen angst wanted to be shown in all of them. I delivered just that. As I’m slowly shifting my focus from concert photography to portrait/fashion photography, I’m blessed to know such a talented designer like Matteo. I did all the portraits in color, but made a few copies in black and white. I just love … Continue reading 09.30.17 Matteo – Cleveland