07.18.17 Warped Tour

This has now been my third year shooting Warped Tour for Kryptonite Music Magazine. Last year was a disaster for me after forgetting my SD card and my camera dying halfway through. This year was better and I was #blessed to have spent it sharing the photo pit with friends. I’ve got probably half a dozen like the one below of Chris casually standing directly … Continue reading 07.18.17 Warped Tour

07.21.17 CVNP The Ledges

Anamika, Sophie, and I headed out to Cuyahoga Valley National Park on intent of a nice, little hike. On the drive out, the temperature reached 99-degrees, so our plan for a long hike turned into a very, very short one. My favorite part in this next one is Anamika’s foot in the far left still struggling to get her shoes on. \\ Sophie Sand: Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr Continue reading 07.21.17 CVNP The Ledges