05.18.17 Maclay Gardens

I flew down to Tallahassee to visit some relatives for a quick trip. They gave me a nice tour throughout the capital and ended up in their gardens filled with greenery and hanging moss. This probably sounds insane, but the light in Florida is so much more pure white light than in Cleveland. It was harder to photograph. Next photo is my aunt and cousin. … Continue reading 05.18.17 Maclay Gardens

05.07.17 Cleveland, Ohio

I took Sophie and Seth out to Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. It was a warm, early-summer kind of day. I always forget about all the cool things Cleveland has (like a public greenhouse). There are endless lists of places I want to see around the area. It’s coming up on 2 years of shooting with mini Sophie now yet I only have a handful of photos with … Continue reading 05.07.17 Cleveland, Ohio