09.03.16 Studio

,About a year or so ago, I turned our guest bedroom into a mini studio. Cool lights, lots of space.

I don’t use it much, truly I almost forgot it was there. Marni brought it up one day, though, so we decided to give it another go.

MARNI 090316-1

MARNI 090316-2

MARNI 090316-3

MARNI 090316-4

MARNI 090316-5

MARNI 090316-7

MARNI 090316-11

MARNI 090316-15

MARNI 090316-16

MARNI 090316-17

MARNI 090316-18

The next one looks better in black and white, in my opinion. But, we really wanted to use some cool lights and colors so I kept the colored version in there as well.

MARNI 090316-24

MARNI 090316-25

MARNI 090316-29

MARNI 090316-32

She brought here ukulele (named Floyd) and she did indeed want an egg selfie with him.

MARNI 090316-33

MARNI 090316-34

MARNI 090316-38

MARNI 090316-39

We went on a hike next and took a few quick photos, just for the fun of it.

MARNI 090316-42

MARNI 090316-47

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