07.26.16 Melanie Martinez

I headed down to the House of Blues in Cleveland with mini Sophie to see Handsome Ghost open up for Melanie Martinez. In the pit, there were only three of us (including me). It’s nice knowing all the local photographers, it’s nice sharing the pit with some friendly faces. I know that sounds weird, but sometimes the photography world is really mean. I’ve met so many … Continue reading 07.26.16 Melanie Martinez

07.20.16 Warped Tour – Cuyahoga Falls

This was my second year photographing Warped Tour (both shot for Kryptonite Magazine). This year kind of sucked because of my mistakes. Warped Tour itself was great – some great bands, great setup, great everything. First, I forgot to shave my legs. Then, I forgot my 64gb SD card. Victoria and I had to drive all the way back to Strongsville, pick up my SD … Continue reading 07.20.16 Warped Tour – Cuyahoga Falls


I headed to the House of Blues the other night to see AWOLNATION perform with Mona and IRONTOM. So many capital letters. IRONTOM were really cool dudes. I’m not sure how to describe them. Their lead singer is this kind of flamboyant guy, he’s dancing around stage, interacting with the crowd with a cheerful smile on his lips. But they’ve got a pretty heavy drum and … Continue reading 07.01.16 AWOLNATION